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     Lord, by your gentleness  overcome my hardness. Transform my cold
indifference and tepid heart with the ardent love of Your divine Heart. 

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"How rightly are you loved” (Song of Songs, 1,4)

           The cry of the Beloved is ours today as we celebrate 300 years of the Lord’s faithful presence with us on our road as Religious of the Blessed Sacrament.In 1715, a long love story began to unfold and spread widely from the little village of Boucieu-le Roi, in the Ardèche, France.


A love made to last forever, to withstand our storms, doubts and fears, since it flows from the Cross and the Eucharist

A love that is humble and discreet, born and developed at a time of crisis, the wars of religion in France.

A love that grew in the heart of the missionary priest, Peter VIGNE, who had long sought the best way to do the will of God.

A love, impossible to contain, like a flickering fire so warm and welcoming, that Marguerite and our seven "founding” Sisters, as well as many others after them were drawn to it.

A love that knows no boundaries, that accompanies the pilgrims of all time and introduces them to the "Most beautiful book that God has given us, Jesus Christ suffering and dying on a Cross” (Bl. P. Vigne)

A love that awaits us, that takes away fear and gives renewed impetus to embrace the unknown: to reorganize after the Revolution, leave for Brazil, resonate with Vatican 11, turn towards Africa, share the path to holiness of Peter Vigne in the Church today.


As you visit us on the international website of the Religious of the Blessed Sacrament we would like to share with you:

The gratitude we feel as we celebrate in 2014-2015 our three hundred year old story, lived with "a gentle love and a saintly courageous confidence” (Bl. P. Vigne)

The passion that compels us to live the present moment in the light of the Eucharist "Beautiful Sun of the Church” (Bl. P. Vigne)

The confidence we have to live the future as disciples-missionaries and pilgrims, eager to spread the "Joy of the Gospel” (Pope Francis) on the paths of a love that is totally given in service and offered to God in fullness.

"Who would not love Him who loves us so much!...” (Bl. P. Vigne)

P.s. Thanks to all who will take the time to comment on their visit to the site!.....
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