The sisters of the blessed Sacrement Valence (France) are implanted in England
In 1874, with the help of the Oratorian Priests and the Archbishop of Westminster the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament established their first house in England, a school for girls and a hostel, in Golden Square, London.  This was followed by another in Brompton Square in 1880, and then Leicester Place, 1889 where they undertook to run the Girl’s School of Notre Dame de France which served the French Mission in London, under the direction of the Marist Fathers.  Another convent was opened in Gloucester Gardens in 1915 to facilitate the rapidly expanding apostolate of Brompton Square.
In the South of England a day school and a retirement home for Lady Boarders was opened in Brighton, Sussex 1886 and another in Beeding, Bramber, in 1903.
Today, the members of the two Foundations both situated in Sussex, -Beeding and Henfield- are still involved in Christian education and in parish ministry, with special sensitivity to spiritual ecumenism and dialogue.
Blessed Sacrament Sisters        
1.  The Towers
     Upper Beeding
     West Sussex
     BN 44  3TF
2.   Little Whaphams
      Golden Square
      West Sussex  BN5  9DP
Linked to each blazon, you will discover the origins and current role of sacramentine community in this location, as well as links to friends who share their missionary activity and evangelization.