The sisters of the Blessed Sacrement of Valence (France) are implanted in Spain

The first contacts of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament with Spain for the purpose of establishing a community there, can be traced back to 1902-1903. They took place at a well known location: the Benedictine monastery of Santo Domingo south of Burgos, where a meeting was arranged with the Abbot, Fr. Alphonse Guépin, who was instrumental in re-establishing the Benedictines in 1880, after the expropriation of their property by the Government in 1835. He was well aware of the difficulties and persecutions that Congregations were currently undergoing in France. "The doors of Spain are at this time open to all French Communities wishing to set up here.......I will always be available if you need brave and do not be fearful of living in exile: we do not be long to the earth but to Heaven and our true homeland is not to be found here below. Wherever you go God will be with you....”

It was not until November1964 that "the doors of Spain” finally opened to the first Sacramentine Community which established a mission in SASAMON, the diocese of Burgos. In this village, located in the province of Castile and Leon,the Community dedicated themselves to education, teaching, catechesis and pastoral ministry.

In August 1974 the second Community was founded in the town of Burgos: "EL FARO”. The focus of this Community was hospitality and the provision of Formation for those who wished to respond to the Lord’s invitation to serve him as Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. At the same time the Sisters devoted themselves to the apostolate of education and catechesis for children and young people.

At present the two Communities continue their respective missions:
  • in relation to Sasamon the emphasis is more on hospitality towards pilgrims, and pastoral work.
  • Burgos continues its mission of education of young children and of attention to the parents and their needs; as well as its work towards Sacramentine Formation.
Every day the Eucharist is the strength and centre of their lives as they seek to express in a concrete way the spirit and missionary drive of the Founder, Blessed Peter Vigne.

The "Amigos de Pedro Vigne”, a group that came into existence at the time of the Beatification of Blessed Peter Vigne, is accompanied by the two Communities who share with them the riches of the Sacramentine Charism, spirituality and conviviality.