The sisters of the Blessed Sacrement of Valence (France) are implanted in Italy

The journey to Rome undertaken by the Superior General, Mother St. Joseph Bouvaret  in 1869 was primarily to obtain the approbation of the Institute as quickly as possible.  However, Pope Pius IX recognising her extraordinary missionary zeal and vitality helped to facilitate the immediate establishment of the first foundation in Italy, at Subiaco, in a house that was at one time the holiday home of Pope Pius IX and of Pope Pius VI who died in Valence in 1799!

The first house in Rome was opened in 1878.  In 1881 the regional house was established in Via dei Riari, not far from the Vatican.  Other foundations followed, some in Rome and others as far away as Calabria and Sardinia, including Bolsena the site of the Eucharistic miracle, or the countryside of Gubbio, homeland of Francis of Assisi

Today, the seven Italian communities take great pride in continuing to cultivate the spiritual heritage of Peter Vigne in primary schools (in Lanuvio, Carpineto, Frascati), a college (in Frascati), retirement homes (in Carpineto) a place of welcome at the shrine (in Bolsena) and in outreach ministries in the working-class districts of Rome (Mater Ecclesia).

Religiose SS. Sacramento
1.   Casa Procura
Via dei Riari, 41
00165 – ROMA
E-mail :
2.    Communitá di Bolsena
          Piazza S. Cristina, 14
01023 – BOLSENA (VT)

3.   Carpineto Scuola
V. Dante Alighieri, 1


4.    Carpineto Casa di Riposo
        Piazza S. Pietro
        00032 – CARPINETO ROMANO (RM)
5 .    Via Tuscolana, 104
        00044 – FRASCATI (RM)
        Site :  

6.   Communitá di Lanuvio

      Piazza Carlo Fontana, 28
       00040 – Lanuvio (RM)

7.    Communitá  Mater Ecclesiae
        Via Fiume Bianco, 47
        Fabbricato A, piano 3°, scala E
        00144 – ROMA

Linked to each blazon, you will discover the origins and current role of sacramentine community in this location, as well as links to friends who share their missionary activity and evangelization.