The sisters of the Blessed Sacrement of Valence (France) are implanted in Tanzania
The prospect of opening a house in Africa underwent a prolonged period of gestation, from the time it was first proposed to its inauguration.....four decades!  From as early as 1964, carried along on the post-conciliar tidal wave of enthusiasm and zeal, hopes were high that we would shortly be starting a mission in Africa, but, that was not to be until 2004.  For several years young women from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Angola, Uganda, and the Cameroon who wished to become Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament were received in Europe.

Latterly, because of its long Christian tradition and love of peace, Tanzania was chosen as the country where all future vocations to the Congregation would be received and accompanied.

The community at Morogoro is situated in the little village of Kilakala, in the shadow of the Uluguru Mountains.  Its location reflects that of Boucieu, the cradle of the Congregation, nestling among the mountains of the Ardèche.  The foundation started in 2004 with five sisters from different countries (Brazil, Italy and Tanzania).

Faithful to the spirit of Peter Vigne and his evangelical intentions, the Sisters are involved in the education of children from 4 to 6 years of age, in parish ministry and in the preparation of young women for religious life.



Blessed Sacrament Sisters
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